What Happens When You Don’t Update Your Blog

The most important work that every blogger do in blogging is “Content Creation” or so-called updating blog. Everyone will recommend you to update your blog every day regularly but my recommendation depends on the blog niche and content that provide. Well, you guys always try to update your blog regularly in order to serve your readers better, impress search engines to gain more traffic and also to earn more income. But sometimes suddenly any incident happens and you’re completely unable to update your blog and at least you’ve not touched your blog more than one week. So, do you know what happens when you don’t update the blog? Then today, I’m gonna share that behind the story that every blogger should know.

What Happens If You Do not Update Blog

5 Things When You Don’t Update Your Blog

1. Traffic Decreases

The first and really bad thing for bloggers happens is that blog traffic decreases. We don’t any kind of decrease in blogging but we love increase. The traffic decreases for several reasons. Let’s suppose your blog’s social accounts have millions of followers and you also update those social accounts with your new blog posts links and some percentage of regular traffic is coming from there. So, when no update, those social accounts will also not be updated and you may be losing traffic. There will be thousands of fans of your blog who’ll be notified by any method about your blog update and they may only land just for reading out the new latest post and if they don’t receive any notification then they also don’t arrive on your blog.

2. Earning Decreases

It’s true that you will lose your earnings if you don’t update the blog for a long time. The reason is traffic decreases and ad serving statistics also decreases. You may be using any PPC or CPM or any other traffic to revenue converting advertising network and they are earning depends on the traffic you’ve so simply if you lose traffic than you may also loose earning. Yes, if the earning source is different like direct banner advertising in which advertiser put the banner for 30 days on the blog or paid posts than you may not face earning drop.

3. Losing Readership

Believe me or not, it’s true that readers don’t like inactive blogs. Just take an example, will you to like to eat 2 days old worst food? You’ll probably avoid eating it and will look for the fresh food. Just like this, readers don’t like to read old content or your readers may already have read it. They want new fresh content to read and become your loyal readers. Yeah! If you’re unable to update your blog then you should notify your readers that you’ll be inactive for some days in updating your blog due to an incident. This will not lose readers hope and they won’t unsubscribe you.

4. Crawl Rate Decreases

Search engines keep your blog crawling again and again and it’s good to have great crawl rate. They also want new fresh content to crawl and rank it better in search results to help you drive more traffic. No doubt, rankings mostly depends on the on-page SEO factors but getting search engines crawling our blog is good. The more search engines crawl the blog, the chances are more to get better rank in SERP. But when we don’t update our blog, crawl rate decreases and it may affect on current rankings. It may also cause to decrease search traffic.

5. Work Increases

When you don’t update blog work also increases. Do you know what kind of work? It’s all about blogging work. Let me tell you more about it. When you’ll come back to blogging, you’ll find too many awaiting moderation comments, too many awaiting the reply to comments, too many emails to check and reply, too many notifications and some other small things that we do usually in blogging. After that, we also want to recover the rankings, earnings, and readerships. So, while getting restart you’ll need to face big work in initial once everything is back as previous.

What’s The Solution For This?

In case if you don’t want to face these things than you may be looking for the solutions of this and we’ve also got them. Here is what you can do if you face this kind of case.
  1. Hire Authors: Multiple authors make it easy to work together. If one author is unable to update blog than the second one can do it. You can hire any good author to do work when you’re busy.
  2. Schedule Posts: In case, if you’re going out just suppose on vacation than you can already write some posts and schedule them. They’ll be published automatically on time.
  3. Check out This Post: Previously, I had written an article on “6 Things To Do When You Can’t Update Blog”. You should read it our to learn more about solutions.
So, That was all that I liked to share today. Actually, I was also inactive some days, you guys might have noticed and I faced this all. I thought why not write an update on it. Hope you liked this article and please keep reading our articles. Have a nice day!

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