Why Should I Update Old Content? – Increase Your Traffic

Here is complete guide Increase your Traffic by doing SEO on Updating your Old Posts content. We discuss here to compete for SEO strategies Optimizing Old Posts Increased traffic. As your website ages, so does your content. In fact, you might look back at some blog posts you published a few years ago and wonder “What was I thinking?!” In many cases, updating your blog content is a fantastic way to give it new life and increase organic traffic to your website.

increase website traffic fast by Updating you old content

Here are a few reasons why it works:

Freshness Matters & Things Change

Both Google and humans like fresh content. If you’re going to read about SEO tips, wouldn’t you rather read something that was updated in the last 6 months with all the latest advice as opposed to something from 2010? It makes sense for a whole lot of reasons, and Google takes note when you refresh your content as well. Here’s the Moz study I referenced in the video.

Improve Rankings & Clicks

Similar to what I mentioned, when people see Google search results you’ll tend to do better when the date next to your article is more recent (because people want to know the content is still valid and up to date). When more people click on your result in Google, that is one factor that helps your rankings improve.

In addition, adding more LSI keywords that we talk about in the videos will help your content rank for additional keywords that you aren’t currently ranking for today.

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What Content Should I Update?

As discussed in the video, here are a few things to look at when you get ready to update your old content:

  1. Which articles rank at the bottom of page 1 or on page 2 or 3 for your target keyword? Those articles are generally close to being really good – so adding more content to them could be the boost they need to go from #12 to #2 which will give a huge traffic boost.
  2. Which articles already bring in traffic? You know Google likes these articles already, so why not make them even better and rank for more keywords? These are great opportunities to add more subsections and related information to create a truly valuable piece of content.
  3. Poorly Keyword-Focused Content – If you wrote an article with no particular keyword in mind, that’s a problem. Go back and do some keyword research to figure out how you could tweak an old article to better target a long tail keyword. (Check out other blueprints on keyword research if you need help in this area)
  4. Annual Lists of awards, best of, etc. – updating these kinds of listicle articles are very easy, as you’ll probably keep a bunch of the content from your prior year, just add to it and make sure it’s current.

Examples: “Best Vegan Blogs To Follow in 2018” “Best Networking Events For DIY’ers in 2018
and the list goes on and on…

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