Powerful Points to Consider When Guest Blog Posting

As a professional blogger, you most likely will be commissioned to write blogs and then post them as a guest on various sites. Or you may be doing this for your own business. No matter what the reason there are some guidelines that you really should follow when guest blog posting. The reason for the guest posting is primarily to build quality backlinks back to a source such as a site or a landing page or squeeze page. It is also a way of driving traffic back to a site.

Guest Blog Posting

6 Points To Consider When Guest Blogging

Choosing the right site to guest post at:

The very first step to being successful with your guest posting is to make sure that you are choosing a site where you were going to be placing your post that is credible. You want to make sure that they have a good search engine ranking and that they have developed some page authority. You don’t want your hard work it to be placed somewhere where it is going to get buried or that there isn’t much traffic visiting. One of the biggest rest of posting on low-quality sites is that if they get penalized so are you.


At first, it may seem like an easy task to find platforms where you are going to be able to post your blogs but once you start into this it can become quite a challenge. You really need to seek out sites where you are able to post that are relative to the topic of your post. This way you are going to make sure that your content is reaching the appropriate audience and is offering something of value to them.

Blog platforms with good activity:

You’ll get a good idea of how active the blog is that your posting to by the number of comments that you see there. Also look to see what the subscriber count is and what the frequency of visits are. You want to be absolutely sure that the posts are not going to be considered as spam. You can also determine whether a blog platform is a good quality by the rules and guidelines that have been set in place for guest posting. If they are allowing anyone it to post without reviewing these first then this may raise a red flag for you as it speaks of the quality of work that they’re willing to accept.

Watch for the advertising:

The other thing to be wary of is posting on blogs where it is loaded with the advertisement. The problem with this is that readers tend to get annoyed when they are inundated with a lot of ads and are not likely to visit that blog in the future. This means that your post is not going to get the ongoing attention that you are expecting.

Easy to use and navigate site structure:

You also want to look at the structure of the site to make sure it that it is well laid out and it is user-friendly. If it is extremely slow loading, for example, this is going to be a turnoff for potential traffic, which means again that your valuable content in your post may be wasted putting it as a guest post on a site such as this.

Check out the social media presence:

Ideally, you also want to look for blog platforms that have a substantial social media presence. This is going to help to ensure that your content is going to be exposed to far more readers.

These are just a few simple but powerful points to consider when guest blog posting.

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