The Benefit of Guest Blogging – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Blogging has many up and downs and today we’re going to discuss one of them. So it is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging. If you’re new to blogging and don’t about guest blogging then this article is especially for you because here you will understand the Guest Blogging, its benefits and how to do that. So guys let’s begin the discussion and read carefully to understand it easily.

benefit of guest posting

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Posting is the latest trend in the blogosphere which is increasing rapidly. It’s a way to appear yourself on other blogs with the fresh content but as a guest blogger. In the guest blogging, you’re invited to contribute to any blog. You will read the rules and accordingly, you’ve to write an article or generate a post. Simply, after completing your post it, you will submit it to blog where you wanna post that article as a guest.

Why Should You Write Guest Posts?

This question will surely rise up in your mind that why you should write the guest posts on other blogs or what benefit you will get instead. Then let me clear, Guest Blogging has several benefits to the guest author and blog owner. So first let’s explain the guest author’s benefits.

Benefits For Guest Author

So You’re the guest author and you’ve published a post on another blog as a guest author. The first thing that the owner of a blog will implement the little author bio box in the bottom of that post. Where you will get a dofollow backlink to your blog with social links. Readers will know that who has written this post and if they liked your post then they will land on your blog and it will help in increasing the readership and visitors. So it is clear that a guest post will bring visitors and readership which is the need of every blogger. The second thing is that if the blog where you’ve submitted your guest post is having a good Page Rank and Alexa Ranking then you will get improvement in your own blog’s Page Rank and Alexa Ranking.

Benefits For Blog Owner

So you’re the blog owner and you’re accepting guest posts on your blog. The blog owner will also get the several benefits. The first thing is that his blog will be updated regularly if he is getting good numbers of guest posts. The second thing is that it saves a lot of time for a blog owner to write the own posts. But publishing too much guest posts more than your own content is not good. Before publishing any post you should check that it is unique and not copied from anywhere else. It will also increase the engagement between the guest author’s blog and the guest post accepting blog’s readers.

Choosing The Appropriate Blog For Writing Guest Post

Before submitting the guest post on any blog it is important to choose the appropriate blog. And let me help you in choosing it. The appropriate blog will be related to the niche of your blog or submit posts on the same niche blog so that readers get engaged with your blog also. Another thing you’ve to check it’s Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking, it must have good ranking in these both algorithms. The third thing is that it should be free of cost. The last one is that the blog must have a good number of readership. For readership, you can check the total number of comments in each post and also the Feedburner subscribers.

If the blog is having all the above-mentioned things then you should surely submit your post there. Because these are enough things which will help you in getting the benefit of your guest post.

Getting Your Guest Post Accepted and Published!

I don’t think there is a big problem in getting the approval of guest posts. Every blog has their own rules so before submitting, you must read them. However, Below I’ve listed some common rules to get accepted and published posts.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content: This is one of the most popular things that every blog requires that the post you will submit must be unique and not copied from anywhere else. If you submit the copied article then it will be caught because before publishing they check that article in several tools.
  • Well Written Article: This is the other thing that they check the article is well written or not. First, they read that post and find the mistakes in it. Sometimes they correct those little mistakes and publish the post but it will be better if you re-check the post before submitting and correct all the mistakes in it.
  • Content Length: Content-length is also important. You should read the rules where you wanna submit the post and accordingly you should write the article. Usually, Everyone asks for more than five hundred words.
  • Irrelevant Topic or Already Covered Topic: This is another mistake which is being done by many newcomers in guest blogging that they choose the irrelevant topic. Once if you read the rules of that blog then you will know that what kind of topics are allowed for a guest post. Also, check that the topic is not already covered.
  • Fill All The Requirements: You’ve to fill all the requirements and follow each and every rule to get your post accepted and published. Simply, you can read the rules there in the write for us page.

Final Words

So, friends, this was the complete guide for Beginner’s to understand the guest posting. I think this is enough to understand the concept. Even you need any help then you can surely ask in the comments area. What do you say about this article? Please share your views in the comments. Take a lot of care to you and your family. Happy Guest Blogging!

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