How To Create Passive Income Without Selling

Many people are interested in finding high income business opportunities through a legitimate home based business. At the same time, most people dont like to sell.

This creates quite a quandary. However, there is a way to achieve your business dreams without selling. Its called Google Adsense.

Google Adsense can help you to create passive income without actively selling a product or service. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, Adsense is a program from Google that can be used to generate advertising revenue. All you have to do is place Adsense on your website or blog. No selling involved, hence the term, passive income.

Adsense is a legitimate home based business that can provide you with solid, yet passive income. What makes Google Adsense better than most high income business opportunities is the lack of work that is involved. Most of the work that you will have to do is done during the initial set-up. After that, you can make money while you are employed at another job, spend time with your family, or go on vacation.

Lets face it; there are not many legitimate home based business opportunities that allow you to do that!

Adding Adsense to Your Website
When incorporating Adsense into your website, you have many different options as to where you want to put the ads, which look sort of like menu system links. By placing the links above, below, or in your own menu, you can get plenty of clicks from people who are browsing your site. You can also use the leader board method and place the links straight across the top of your web pages.

A third option is called the skyscraper method and that involves placing the Adsense links straight down the left side of your template. The final option leaves you  placing square and rectangular Adsense units directly in with your content. You can places ads above, below, or within your site text.

The more links you have, the more opportunity you have to make money with this legitimate business opportunity. Some people make five or six figures every year. Google even allows you to track the number of visitors that you have on your site. If you have multiple websites, you can see which one does the best and which one does the worst. This will allow you to decide how you are going to split up your time between your multiple sites.

Sound simple? It is. This is what makes Adsense one of the best high income business opportunities around. There is little work involved and the ability to earn a passive income without ever having to actively sell anything. All you have to do is run and promote your website like bosch router table you normally would. Of course, the more traffic you have, the better the chances are that somebody will click on the Adsense ads and put money in your pocket. Keep this in mind as you start building passive income with your Adsense campaigns.…

How To Escape The Rat Race Build Passive Income And Live The Life You Really Want

Lets face it: Most of us are stuck in jobs that make us feel bored and uninspired. We do it because we think that we have to. After all, no job means no money. Many of us feel trapped in trading time for money. We feel like a hamster running endlessly around the wheel. We either bang our heads against the wall trying to figure out how to change things or we resign ourselves to our current plight, hoping that the promise of a blissful retirement will make all of this worthwhile. But, the sad truth is that 95% of us dont ever experience a retirement that is as happy or fulfilling as we would have liked.

The problem is that many of us are stuck in an old paradigm. The idea of working nine to five with benefits and a pension is slowly becoming outdated, as it was spurned in the industrial age, which has now passed. With the advent of technology and the internet, we have a whole new way to capitalize upon our interests. We can make money in new and exciting ways. The first thing required is to shift your consciousness into an entirely new way of perceiving money and how it is made. The truth is that in this day and age you dont need to rely on the steady paycheck in the job that doesnt serve you year in and year out. That will slowly kill you. So, please, allow yourself the privilege of seeing money from a new vantage point.

The internet now allows just about anybody to make multiple streams of income. This can be done by productizing your knowledge and experience in the form of informational offerings such as ebooks and digital downloads. Or you could simply sell other peoples products as an affiliate and earn commissions this way. People are flocking to the internet to search for information on how to solve their problems or make their lives better. You have a unique ability to help a specific segment of the population enhance their quality of life based on your innate attributes and strengths.

Start researching new and creative ways that you can make residual income streams in a way that reflects your true passions. Many people out there are making in a month what you make in a year selling products on the internet. You could do that too. It just takes a shift in your beliefs around money and the willingness to explore new ways of capitalizing on your unique gifts. If you commit yourself wholeheartedly to it, you will soon see that you hold the key that unlocks you from the prison of your current dead end job. With internet marketing, the sky is the limit. Not only can you make a tremendous income creating and/or selling products, your time will be freed up to do the things in life you have always wanted to do. This form of income generation can be completely automated. You can literally make a health living and not have to be physically present to transact the sales. That is a beautiful thing, is it not?…

How to Generate Passive Income with Articles

Are you new to writing articles online for pay? If you are, you may love the projects that you receive and the upfront payments that you get for those projects. Yes, writing articles for upfront payments is nice, but did you know that you can also use articles as a way to generate passive income?

If you weren’t already aware, passive income is occasionally referred to as the gift that just keeps on giving. Why? Because you earn money over an extend period of time. When writing for upfront payment for a client who is seeking unique content for their website, you typically receive one lump sum payment. Yes, this payment is nice, but how would you like to be earning money on an article that you wrote a year ago?

As for how you can start generating passive income, you have a number of different options. Before reviewing these options, it is important to focus on the word “generating.” Yes, you can earn money overtime, but you may not start seeing huge profits right away. The money will start coming in soon, but it may take a couple of months or more.

One of the best ways to create passive income with your articles is to create your own specialty website. This website should have a theme that is either a popular subject or one that interests you. For example, do you homeschool your children? If so, you can create a website that shares tips with other homeschooling parents. These tips and other information will be shared through your written articles, which will be displayed on your website. The same will be said for blogs, but readers often require updated content, sometimes on a daily basis.

As for how you generate passive income through a website or blog, you do so through advertisements. One program that comes highly rated and recommend is Google AdSense. With this program, you generate income each time that a reader clicks on your advertisements. There are also affiliate programs, where retailers give you banners to post on your website, alongside your articles. Each time your website or blog generates a sale, you receive a percentage of that sale.

If you opt to receive passive income by way of your own niche website or blog, you need to make sure that readers find you. Unfortunately, you may face a lot of competition online. The good news is that you can write more articles to do so. Since article writing is your specialty, this isn’t hard. Write unique articles and submit them to online article directories. Be sure to include a link to your website. You may be surprised how many readers follow that link. The more visitors your website or blog receives, the better your changes are for getting your advertisements clicked on.

Although creating your own content filled website is one of the best ways to generate passive income, as you are in control at all times, there is an easier approach. That approach involves finding revenue sharing websites. These are content filled websites, but they rely on professional writers to compose it. In exchange, you may receive a percentage of the revenue generated from your articles or you may receive an already agreed upon bonus. If you cannot afford the cost of web-hosting, which is needed to start your own website, this is a great approach.

As for how you can find these revenue sharing websites, perform a standard internet search online. Also, many online communities are devoted to writing articles online. If you are not already a member, join. Members of these communities often share moneymaking opportunities they came across online, revenue sharing websites included.

As stated above, passive income can be generated a number of different ways. With that said, if you rely on article writing to make a living, it may be best to spice up your writing. Find upfront paying clients or paid submission websites online and work on generating passive income in your spare time. In all honesty, you cannot go wrong with this approach.

How To Receive Multiple Streams Of Passive Income

What are multiple streams of passive income in the first place. It is simply a method to get money from different sources without actively working for it. This is not free though. As you may already know, nothing is free. But it is one of the best ways to make enough money to live as you please.

The idea is simple. You make an effort once and you get paid to the infinitum based on that effort until that stream of income dries up. You dont worry about it because you have multiple streams so you will always be profitable.

This is different to how most people make money. First of all they often call it making a living. They live from paycheck to paycheck. They have only one stream of income: their job. If they get fired they lose their shirt.

This is one of the reasons I see so much stress in the eyes of many people. They live nervous and worried about life, people and situations. Passive income is not your ticket to paradise, but it is a better way to make money.

Then, the important question: How do you do it?

Ok, lets start by saying that nothing is free, you will have to pay a price. This price may be monetary or it may be invested time and efforts. I will reveal to you many different ways you can get passive income on this article. Some of them seem free, but because they seem easy, they have huge competition.

This evens out the possibility for you to get something for nothing. I am being honest with you, and if someone tells you that you will get rich tomorrow, they probably want to rip you off.

It is better to build the house, than to rent it. You may not be able to build a house, but anybody can create passive income despite of the circumstances. There is not one or two ways to do it but many. Some people will have to try harder than others, but if you believe you can do it, and you are willing to pay the price, then you will do it.

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Write a book.
Writing can make you money. Focus on something that you know a lot about. It could be related to your job, life experience, school work, hobby, etc. Take a piece of paper and write down the subjects that you are knowledgeable about.

Then write a few sentences or paragraphs about this subject. This will be the summary for your book. If you sell it online like an e-book it doesnt need to be long. A few (20 30) pages will do the trick. Create a few graphics to complement your descriptions and you are on your way to establishing your first stream of income.

Now, there is more to it than just this. How are you going to publish it? What is going to be your target market? How are you going to collect the royalties? How are you going to advertise it? I will tell you all of this later. I am only giving you basic ideas now.

Do you think that you are not really knowledgeable in a specific subject? You are probably wrong. Everyone knows something about some topic that others dont know much about. You dont have to be the exception.

What if you cant type. I will also tell you how you can hire people to do the job for you, but then it will cost you money. It is better if you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can also choose another way to generate passive income, like the one I share with you bellow.

2. Sell photographs and videos.

You can do this mostly over the Internet. You may live in a big city like Chicago, in a middle of the woods or near a beach like South Beach. It doesnt matter much where you live. Just use your imagination.

Find your target market before you start. Who are you going to sell the images or videos to? Focus on something specific. Are you going to take pictures about landscapes and buildings? Are you going to sell stock photography? Do you want to gather visual information for travel agencies? You may discover soon how profitable this business can be.

For example, lets say that you live near a tourism area. You may take your camera and take some pictures or record a movie with information about the most attractive touristic attractions on that area. Then you can sell the files to travel agencies over the Internet.

You can take a few thousand photographs and sell them on Internet image libraries. These companies post samples of your photographs on your websites and once their visitors buy one of your pictures they pay you by sending you a check.

You can get huge exposure this way. Furthermore, you can even have your own website and advertise it through different mediums to boost your sales. This is a good example of how you can get passive income from photography or video taping if you like this business. This is very general information. The money is in the details which I will tell you later.

3. Build a few good websites and sell advertising space.

If you can create websites rich in content and attract many visitors per day, some advertisers will want to place ads on your site. What impresses more the advertisers is websites rich in targeted specialized content and high quantities of real daily visitors.

You can get content for your websites from article banks and free e-books libraries. You can create a few graphics too or pay someone a few dollars to create the graphics for you, then offer them for free to your visitors. You see, the more interesting your site is the more visitors you will get.

What makes your web pages interesting is their content. What you offer your visitors once they get there. How useful is your website for them. This may require you to use some imagination. Why? Because as with anything else, there is a lot of competition.

Where you wont find competition? You wont find competition in Creativity Land. You know where that is? It is within your head. The more creative you get, the less competition you will find. People will try to copy your stuff anyway, but after you make a couple of millions here and there why worry about the copycats?

The problem is that it is kind of hard to create something new, specially when more people dont really know what creativity means. For example, building a website is not creativity. There are billions out there.

Creativity is to make something cool that people will want to have it and no one has thought about it before. Because there is no limit to what you can create, there is no limit to how much money you can make. The only limit is your own imagination.

Now, lets get back to the topic. There are many more sources of passive income and I will keep sharing them with you below.

4. Become an affiliate and sell other people products.

Here you dont have to create anything. Some individuals have had bad experiences with this industry lately. They claim there is too much competition, that it is expensive and the revenue potential is low. All of this is relative. There is money to be made in affiliate marketing but you have to approach it like a business and not just like a hobby.

You will need just one thing: get creative in your marketing strategies. Most successful Internet marketers use sophisticated marketing techniques. They hardly really share their secrets with anyone. Remember that if you become an affiliate you wont have to create something, build a pretty looking website, type a sales pitch to convince the buyers, deal with the customers.

Nothing! You just advertise. Advertising also requires time and/or money. But by not having to create the products yourself and not having to deal with the customers you save yourself most of the hassles associated with Internet marketing.

I really believe that affiliate marketing could be a good source of passive and recurring income for anyone. This business requires some efforts first, but once your system is set up, you can get money time after time for an effort that you did once.

5. Vendor machines.

I know most people know what a vendor machine is, but for those who dont know I will explain. These are those machines that you see next to the some walls of malls and big retail stores that sell chips, candy bars, etc. Well this is a good source of passive income too.

If you can set up a few of these machines on strategic places, you would need to repackage them once per week and you will be making money while you are doing anything else. People get into the store, buy the merchandise and then you go around on the weekends, pick up the money and refill the machines.

Thats the basic idea. If on average every machine generates $300 per week and you have 5 machines you would be making around $6,000 per month from this business alone. I think that it is pretty much a nice opportunity to make passive income.

6. Parking lots.

This works better for people who live in or near big cities. Some people buy land as an investment and instead of building a house or an apartment building they use the land as a parking place. They collect a fee for cars to park there. This business can be quiet profitable. You dont have to deal with tenants, there are less legal restrains and you will have a nice cash flow.

The good thing about this is that you dont have to buy big land space. Some of these parking lots are located in places where the land is not good for other commercial or residential developments. The owners go to the real estate auctions and get them for a reasonably low amount because of this fact. Then they prepare the land and build a parking place.

You can get these properties at tax certificate auctions and tax sale auctions. You should expect to buy this land for 50% off the retail price. If you calculate your potential market well, you should expect to get your investment back within 2 3 years of operation. The rest is pure profits.

7. Start a coin laundry and cafeteria business.

Trust me, this business is profitable. I have combined here two businesses in one. This is passive income because the profits should allow you to hire a couple of employees to take care of everything. The drawback is that it requires a considerably large investment.

So, lets say that you have your laundry and cafeteria. What else can you do from that space that you are renting or paying the mortgage for? Put up some slot machines if you can and a lottery machine. People gamble a lot. While they are there they would probably want to eat something or try their lucky numbers once more. They may want to throw some coins into the gaming machines too. This will further increase your profits.

The best thing would be to have three: a laundry, small cafeteria and a dollar store all on the same place. Some of the people that come into the laundry will end up buying stuff from the dollar or cafeteria and vise versa. This could be a risky venture and requires large investment, but I think it could be profitable. I am just giving you my opinion here, dont take it as financial advice.

If you can not have a small cafeteria then you could just put some vendor machines inside the laundry and place some slot machines and lottery stuff inside the dollar store. The idea is to use as much of your square feet as possible.

8. Buy wholesale and sell on retail stores.

At the time I write this you can still get merchandise from China and other countries for pennies on the dollar. You just need a few contacts and good wholesalers. You dont even need to sell the products yourself. Have you heard about the dropshipping business.

This a business in which you post the description of the items you are selling on online stores, your own website and online auction websites. Then when someone buys the products you forward/dropship the order to the distributor who ship the item. You get a portion of the profits.

This is another way to earn passive income without having to create, package nor sell anything yourself. Your job is just to advertise.

There are other methods to earn passive and recurring income, but I dont have time to share them all here. You probably imagine already that one of the biggest benefits of setting up passive streams of income is that you can be working on something else while your income streams generate money for you. This way you can multiply your efforts and ultimately your profits.

It works as follows. You set up your first stream of income. Once it is ready and making money for you, then you just have to spend a few hours per week on it to keep it working smoothly. The rest of the time you use it to set up another stream of income.

Once you have several (10 15 or more) you can retire and work a few hours each day to make sure that everything is working ok. This will make you happy. You can be free and work however you want and whenever you want. You wont need many of these income streams to be financially free. The sky is the limit and there are many opportunities waiting for you.…

Learn Passive Income Secrets That Can Change Your Future

Ask any hundred people whether they’re interested in increasing their wealth, and all 100 of them will say yes. But ask them if they’re ‘serious’ about it, about half will shrug. Heck, most people aren’t even ‘serious’ about their health, let alone their wealth, but it’s those people who are truly committed to action that make a real difference in their own lives. The major difference between the wealthy and the poor is that wealthy people take action (since they are committed to their wealth), whereas the poor are people who tend to think about change, but rarely take the actions necessary to make it.

If you are serious about increasing your wealth, then you are going to want to read this article, because it’s the starting point – this is where it all gets very serious, and where change will follow.

So you are committed, right? Since you still reading, you must be. Okay, let’s get to the meat of the issue.

Many people have heard of ‘passive income’ but very few fully understand what it means. Passive income is defined as income that you do not have to work for. In other words, if you are on a sunny beach vacationing with your family, you can still be earning money. The key to generating ongoing and growing wealth is to work for passive income, instead of working income.

For example, if you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Waiter or Astronaut, once you stop working, you make no money. Your working income is gone. You may have plenty of money, but you don’t make more unless you put on your work clothes, get in the car, and go to work. The rich tend to focus on earning passive income instead, so that their wealth grows each day, whether they go to work or go to the Riviera to work on their tan. And that is why the rich keep getting richer while everyone else gets poorer. And poorer. And poorer.

Fair warning! Do no think that building passive income is easy – it’s not. It takes some work to establish your base, and it takes planning and commitment to build that base, and unless you build your base, that passive income will never come.

Let’s think of it another way – you could spend 40 hours this week working for an insurance company as an office clerk, and you’ll only make $10 or $12 an hour at the end of it. But spend 40 hours working on building your passive income and you can get that $10 or $12 an hour (or much, much more) rolling in all day, every day even on weekends!

Imagine earning $400 before you even get up in the morning. Imagine earning $50 as you eat breakfast. Imagine going on holidays for a week and coming home to find a check for $2000 in the mail. That’s passive income.

So how can you make this happen? Well, step one is to not quit your day job, as it will take some work before you are able to live off of your passive income and quit the 9-to5. Building passive income is long term thinking – not short term, so in the meantime you need to keep your bills paid. But remember, the wealthy are those that take action. The poor are those that come home from work and ‘switch off’.

Real Estate is one of the best ways to achieve passive income. For example, if you buy a nice property or commercial building and lease it out, and your mortgage payments are less than the rent you bring in, then you have just generated a passive income. The big problem is, of course, that most people do not have the massive amounts of capital required to buy real estate. So you may have to lower your sights a little to ways to make smaller amounts of passive income, with a much smaller investment, so you can work your way up to property investment later.

MLM, or Multi-level Marketing, has long been a source of passive income for people that do not have the big money to invest upfront, and while some people shy away from MLM systems, you must understand before going in that the way they work is not like it is in the infomercials. You don’t just join an MLM system and instantly start making hundreds of thousands of dollars – you have to work at it. If you know anyone that has made it big in anytime of MLM business then chances are they put in long hard hours selling. This is a major downside since most people do not like selling. The best way to generate passive income is to find a real business that requires no selling.

But there are successful businesses out there that will generate a consistent and strong passive income without the hassle of selling, and without hundred of thousands of dollars needed to get in on the ground floor.…

Passive Income Residual Income Or Multiple Streams Of Income

Which one of these three do you think that is the most important? All of them! They differ from each other slightly but all of them are important and necessary. I will explain on this article the difference and some examples for you to understand how valuable they are.

I. Passive income is to receive money while you are not actively working on the business. There are many ways to do this. The following are just a few examples:

1. To own rental properties.
2. To own vendor machines.
3. To set up affiliate marketing websites.
4. To have different investments.
5. To receive royalties from art and other intellectual properties.

The good thing about receiving passive income is that it frees you up to work on other ventures while you earn the money or to have fun and relax. They all require some maintenance on your part. They are different from a traditional business or job though. You can become financially free and even rich if you get a few good sources of passive income.

The catch is that the big effort is on the beginning. You may have to work hard to set up the initial business or venture. Once it starts making money for you and everything is set up, then you can most likely go relax or keep working on other venture to further boost your income.

II. Now, residual income, what is it?

Residual income is when you make an effort once and you profit several times, sometimes into the thousands and ten of thousands. For example, you write a book once and you sell 70,000 copies for $19 each. It may take some years to sell that many copies but during that time you could write another book, which leads us to the third topic on this article.

So, remember, residual income is to make an effort once and profit several times. You can find examples of how to do this bellow.

1. You write a book or e-book and sell it many times.
2. You create a music/software/information CD and sell thousands of copies.
3. You take 5,000 photographs and sell them as stock photography to receive royalties for many years.
4. You make an investment once and receive gradual payments like with land and real estate.
5. You sell online memberships like those offered by dating and hosting websites and as long as the client stays subscribed you keep receiving monthly payments.

III. Finally, multiple streams of income.

Once you find your first stream of passive recurring income you should jump to the next opportunity. Your goal should be to have a handful of projects or businesses generating passive income for you. Diversification is the key to success. You never know what could happen tomorrow. Most wealthy people know this. They try to have different sources of revenues.

They invest, trade, start new businesses. They are always looking for new opportunities. You need to think like the rich if you want to become rich. When your first stream of passive income is making money for you, it is a good idea to look for a few other opportunities.

Once you have multiple streams of passive income, you can relax and work a few hours per day to make sure that everything is running smoothly. The idea is not to jump from one business to the other without tying up anything well. Work to set up your first stream of passive residual income and once it is making substantial profits for you, then go find another and another and another, until you have several of them.

Dont overdo it either because you may find yourself working too much. The idea is to have diversification, so that if one of your ventures fail you will still have the others. Dont worry, once you start making money like this your life will change. The rest of the profits will come from your investments. So, you dont need a thousand streams of income just 5 or 6 could be great. Some people handle as much as 12 and they feel OK with it.

Depending on what you choose to do you may realize soon that this is one of the easiest ways to attain financial freedom and to become rich. The rich know this and they do it and you can do it too!…

Sports Betting Affiliate Commissions Earning Passive Income Online

When big industries and the common man collide, there is usually only one financial winner. However in the online world of opportunity, there are chances to turn this tide and to even start making money off of the backs of the large industry. Affiliate programs offer Internet users the chance to earn money by hosting advertising for specific companies or industries. However the online sports betting industry have come up with another marketing strategy, which is as unique as it is lucrative. Rather than simply giving away a few dollars for a new customer or a small percentage of a sale, like so many of the other programs, sports betting provides a percentage of each players lifetime revenue generated. So an affiliate can earn money just by attracting one or more players, through links on their sites. It sounds simple, because it is.

There are no strings, no hidden charges and no customers to worry about. The affiliate program is a fully automated and highly successful way for big online sites, including the giants of the sports betting world, to spread their brand and encourage new custom. Because of the success of affiliate marketing, sports betting sites and affiliate programs do not charge or discriminate between people who are and are not able to host an advertising package. The more people that join, the greater their potential sphere of influence can grow, with more influence the betting sites can hopefully encourage more customers. For their part, affiliates are given the carrot of a lucrative percentage of each player that they can persuade to join an external site. The more customers, the more money an affiliate can earn. There are no caps, no limits, just those that an affiliate imposes on themselves.

But for those cynical people, who just cant believe that there must be a catch, there is not. Affiliates are masters of their own destiny, whilst hard work and a little investment can go a long way, they are by no means essential. Others may note that whilst bookmakers may win a high percentage of times, they cant win every time, therefore making it a slightly rocky industry of ups and downs. It is true that bookmakers can lose as well as win, which will no doubt affect the amount of revenue an affiliate makes. However most programs protect the affiliates from this potential downfall, simply by implementing a stop that does not allow an affiliate to earn a negative balance.

With payments coming over a period of a fortnight or a month, this gives sports betting affiliate programs the chance to accurately judge the overall success of an affiliates customers. The worst thing that can happen to an affiliate is to receive no money, therefore if an affiliate doesnt make any money the onus is on them to attract more players to increase their revenue sources, which in turn favours the sports betting site. There is no guaranteed pathway to affiliate success, but joining the sports betting program can certainly increase ones chances of earning a substantial wage.

The Simplest Way To Get Online Passive Income

Based on my research, this seems to be the basic principle that website owners have been following to get passive income online:

* Get many people to come to your website
* Get them to click on your Adsense links

Sounds simple enough. Get people into your website from Google play services search, then link out to an Adsense Ad. Search In – Adsense Out.

Practically applying it to get sufficient commendable income, however, can be quite a challenge.

The first problem is how to get many visitors to your website.

That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. However, this is really easier said that done. It’s a bit of an artwork. You basically have to read the mind of an Internet user. What keywords would he use? Why would he visit your website? Do you have the content go get people interested enough to get to your website?

Basically, your goal is visibility. You have to be seen. You can do this using SEO or using traditional brand-building methods. Tell your friends, family and colleagues. If they have websites, politely ask if you could link with each other.

For those lucky few that are already on top of the search engines, this is not a problem. Others (including myself) would have to work hard at it. Look at It’s been around for a very long time and has made quite a foundation. It would not be too difficult for its owners to tweak the website for SEO. Movies HD Android Download

Experts have varied opinions on what to put in a website. Some say, put relevant important content – with around 500-1000 words on each of your website. Some say provide simple 300 word news posts.

Another option to get clicks would be to advertise online for keywords. Adwords is an example of a tool that can allow you to do this. There will be marketing expenses in this scenario. The goal here is to get more Adsense income than Adwords Expenses – which is really basic business sense. This is easier said than done, I tried it and got dismal results.

The next problem would be how to get visitors to click on Adsense links.

Well, the first thing that needs to be done is to get an Adsense account. It’s pretty easy to setup. After that, you need to put the Adsense links on your website. There are people who say make it blend it when the rest of your pages. Here, on my website, you can see my Adsense Ads that seem to be part of the overall theme.

Other experts say the more noticeable the advertisements, the more they will be clicked. In this case, the Ads stand out prominently – with a different, and sometimes contrasting color scheme. One tip given was actually position the Google Ad right next to an image/picture. Viewers tend to click on picture links, so more income potential income there.

What does this all mean for a Filipino Entrepreneur?

In my point of view, it means opportunities. Although I have just started experimenting on all of this myself, there seems to be a real possibility of gaining a little revenue. For example, I started this website (last January) and have,in my first month I gained US$7 from Adsense. Download Sixaxis Controller App

It’s not much but consider this:

* My expenses so far have been the webhosting (US$4 monthly), and domain name (US$3 for one year – got it at a discount).
* If I continue getting US$7 a month, that would be, US$84 a year.
* My year’s hosting would be US$48
* My theoretical income for one year would be US$33.

There are other costs, of course, from writing the content for this website – electricity, less time to do other things, etc… I didn’t include it yet. If you had pre-existing content, this wouldn’t matter to you. Just upload it and you should be ready.

For example, if you had a song lyrics database, you could find a pretty reliable web developer, have him upload your database, and include AdSense. Optimize it for search and you should soon get some revenue. It will probably not be big, but enough to get you interested.

I remember on my last test with the wordtracker application, “Pinoy Ako Lyrics” were some of the top keywords I found. People were actually looking for lyrics of Filipino songs. Since new songs come out every month, whoever gets the lyrics out soonest would be found earlier.

If you had a database of all Philippine Lotto Results ever since it began, you could probably have a statistics analyzer custom-made from your website. It could give suggested lotto numbers based on historical info. That would be something a lot of people would go to.

There are probably other more interesting opportunities for the web-savvy Pinoy entrepreneur. As long as you get people to your website, and get them to click on an advertisement, there will be revenue.…